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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Half of the Babies from the 2010 Litter.

           Well for everyone who own's one of these 2010 Babies, or those of you who have read my previous post about the Mother and Daughter Bond,  you will already know how many babies were in this litter !! For everyone else My  Mitzi had 10 Puppies in this Litter !!  This Poor lil Pugalier had and raise 10 Puglets on her own, and not only that.  She was still allowing them to Suckle from her, up to the day that they all left our home !!

           As I had so many babies born they were actually born over 2 days, so 8 of them were born on the 8th  February 2010, and 2 more were born on the 9th February 2010. Though if I'm honest I don't really know the D.O.B of Ladybird Puglet and Stuffed Dog Puglet ? but Mitzi loved them anyway so we can't really be that worried over details !!

                  Ladybird Puglet and Stuffed Dog Puglet D.O.B unknown !                                                                           

                               The Real Puglets of the 2010 Litter !    

Number 1 was Jammie      

          The First Lil Puglet of the 2010 Litter was Jammie she was the " Traffic Jam "  that was causing Mitzi all her huffing and Puffing. When this lil Lump was Born at  7 pm at night. The rest of the puppies flew out of Mitzi like a set of Frequent Flyer's. Jammie was also the largest of the 5 girls weighing in at 7oz she was also heavier than all the boy's as well !!!
              This Girl was a real cheeky Miss and her Best Mate was Bert, and they could always be found in some sort of trouble and always together !! But I must admit this Little Lady was a super cutie and very easy to love, her new family kept her name Jammie which I think suited her perfectly !!
            She was also totally Bonkers and this film show's how truly BONKER'S this Puglet, that Emma called  Jammie was !!  Make sure you check out the Roly Poly as she was very talented with it !

                                        Jammie is Bonker's 


Puglet Number 2 was  Dotty.

        As I said above once Miss Jammie had been born then they flew out and that's exactly how this teeny weeny Girl came into this world ! The 2nd baby was a tiny Dark Silver Girl with 2 little white star's on her Chest.  So Emma named this Tiny thing  Miss  Dotty, she was born 10 minutes after Jammie, so she was born at 7~10 pm  and she weighed in at a  feather weight  of  4oz. 

       What this little girl lacked in size she made up with attitude and she was a lil fighter from her first breath, and boy could this lil lady eat !! Her new Mummy Carly named this lil madam Penelope also known as Penzilla !! Which tells everybody exactly how this lil pocket rocket is, and she was a definite Penzilla when it came to dinner time !! 
              All fat lumps get out of the way cos Penny~Zilla is hungry.

              I must admit that this little cutie was very easy to love, with a perfect cheeky Puglet attitude, to run along side's of her gorgeous looks. I think that ... She was definitely worth all the Pennies !!!  (  sorry I couldn't help myself ! )
         Penelope was another one of my Bonker's Puglet's, she was also a baby who loved her kisses as much as her food as you can see from this film  below                   

                           Penelope aka Penny~Zilla. 


Puglet Number 3 was   Marco. 

           This Little Boy was Born at 7~35 pm  and weighed in at 6 and ½ oz , he was also Silver like his Sister Dotty, and he had a tiny white star on his chest as well.  His new Mummy Kesley decided to change his name from Marco to Pongo. I think that Pongo was a perfect name for him, not that he smelt !! But because he was just a Pongo. 

         He was also one of the sweetest Puppies I have ever known or bred, he was just a true Poppet and loved nothing more than Cuddles and Kisses. This little man stayed with us a bit longer so he became very close to Leo who was staying longer as well. But this True Sweetheart had a favourite friend and someone who he bonded with, just as much as She did with him was Our Miss Milly Moo. 

        These two had an amazing bond and they absolutely adored each other and to be honest Milly was very sad when Mr Pongo left us to start his new life with Kesley and Clinton. I must admit my Hubby missed Pongo, as like Sidney the year before Mr Pongo did love his Toast in the morning !!                            

                Pongo and Dai's Hand ( Hubby) as you can see he really  

                                          "  Hate's the Puglets !! "

Puglet Number 4 was   Coco.

                 This little girl was a Truly Gorgeous and seriously Cute Puglet, and if I'm honest she was my favourite out of this litter. Miss Coco was named by Emma as when she was born she was, Chocolate in Colour with a white chest, and 2 white Toes and was also very pretty ! Coco was born at 7~45 pm and weighed in at 5 oz which was heavier than Penelope, but in the end she grew to be the smallest in the Litter.

            She was the smallest Puppy of the Litter and when she was with her Brother's and Sister's she could sometime's become over~whelmed. Her Big  Leo took her under his wing completely, and like Doug the previous year he would lie in front of the smaller babies. Protecting them from their rambunctious Siblings ( Normally the Danger Duo of Jammie and Bert !! )  He would even stay in front of Coco when he was totally awake, and he wouldn't get up until she awoke herself !

            This Lil Girl Coco had her named change to Miss Millie~Vanillie  and she may have come over as a quiet Girl that could be reserved in large Company. But when she was in the lounge on her own this lil lady transformed, into this cheeky little madam with a wonderful and extremely funny personality. I must admit if I had got away with it,  I would have kept this little monkey hidden in one of my drawers and would never had let her go !!

                                       It's a Millie~Vanillie 


Puglet Number 5 was    Mr Fudge. 

           This Little Boy was named Fudge by Ben, as he was Fudge in Colour he also had a Big White Blaze, which remains to this day and 2 white back feet.  His new Mummy was Zoe,  and I think if she could have taken him the moment he was born, I think she would have driven down from Oxford that night !! He was Born at 8~15 pm and weighed in at a perfect 6oz and he was absolutely stunning.

           Fudge is still the name that remain's to this day, as his Mummy Zoe loved the name.  The name Fudge to be honest it was perfect for this little Boy, as he was one of the sweetest Puppies ever.  Everyone who met him instantly fell in Love, and Zoe requested a baby baby Puglet and I always love to give people what they want !! However Fudge took this request literally ..............  ??

          This little Boy Mr Fudgelet as I called him took Zoe's request for a Cuddly Baby to the next extreme ! I had to have this little " Monster " Attached to me at all times !! In fact he used to be walked about the place either in a scarf under my neck or in a pocket of whatever I was wearing at that time !! Otherwise this lil Toadie would lie screaming, squeaking or some general noise making word,  that you can think of ...... 

           From the moment I picked Fudge up he would curl up into a ball and promptly fall asleep !! He became exactly what Zoe wanted and I do believe he still loves nothing more than, Curling up with someone and falling asleep on lap's. 

                                           Mr Fudgelet 

I will be finishing the next 5 Tomorrow but here are some film's of all the Babies when they were 4 weeks old and one all the babies with their Big Sister Milly as well !!


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