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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Cesar Millan are his teaching's a form of Abuse ?

           People who know me will know that I feel that Cesar Millan is an amazing person when it come's to dog's, but when I first started really thinking about writing this Blog.

      I wanted to include his teaching's and Website on this Blog, so while looking for his Website, I was shocked that some people felt his Teaching Way's verge on Abuse and that he has no knowledge when it come's to the Training or Re-Training of problem or Aggressive Dog's  ?? 

      He apparently Chokes Dog's until they a COMPLETE EMOTIONAL WRECK and then KICK'S THEM until they SUBMIT !!

      I would like to point out that the people who were commenting on how Abusive he was to dog's ~ actually are from DOG PSYCHOLOGY TRAINING CENTRE'S and they themselves offer treatment for Problem Pet's or Aggressive Re~Training ???? But you would need to leave your Dog for Treatment and it could take as long as 2 Years to retrain you DOG ?

      Training allowed me to trust Fizzly, a 10 Stone/ 160lb 

         Rottweiler, with My 6 year Old Daughter Emma <3 

 I will give you mine opinion and tell you way's that his Teaching Helped Me !

         My Father used to train Gun Dog's for some very rich people and he was very good at it and everyone wanted a Gun Dog that had been Trained By My Daddy !!  I learn't my Dog Skills from watching him training Dogs, or just being around him and how he behaved around our dogs all my life, and I would personally like to Thank him as I would not be the way I am with Dog's or Animals of all Kind's without having him in my life. 

  Thing's I knew from my Daddy that is mirrored by Cesar Millan ..................  

  Growling at a Puppy will stop all cheeky puppy behaviour 
  Picking a Dog up by it's Scruff will Calm it instantly 
  Don't talk when a Look or Presence is enough !! 
  Shouting or Screeching Don't Work ............. Calm and Collected works wonder's
  Holding a Pull Through Lead up high on a Dog's neck will make it easier to Control
  Don't take a Dog out of the House / Car until it is Calm 
  Never look a Nervous Dog in the Eye's
  If you are dealing with an aggressive or fighting breed you can't allow any sort of bad behaviour and you     always have to be prepared to deal if something bad happens ??? 

  Don't Show Fear and There May Be Time's when you have to control a situation with TOUCH !!! 

  If a puppy bite's it's mother ........... It's mother will bite it back ???

This is Milly will her First Litter, Showing us how Discipline,

           is required no matter ...... how cute your puppy is :P

      These are just a few examples and It's something that I have learn't and know that work and My Dad is a few years older that Cesar so it's not a new PHILOSOPHY.

       Now the things I have learn't from Watching Cesar Millan 

       The head held high and positive walking and a loose lead and just WALK will stop any dog from reacting to something that they have done for YEARS and the results are INSTANT !!! 
         Now Fizz was a very laid back dog but when something upset her she would always react ( She was a ROTTWEILER ) When she reacted it was not pleasant and she never forgot anything if she didn't like you she didn't hide her feelings very well !!!

         Well over the years Fizz hated this house with these Lurcher's and Jack Russell's as they would jump at their kennel and try to get at her over the Garden Fence !!! Seriously Stupid as she was a very big girl !!!
But for years I'd go past this Garden and every time she would try to break through the fence to well, let's put it this way I don't think she wanted to kiss them ?????

         So I would hate going past their house as I had visions that they would jump over and Fizz would gobble up a Jack Russell or 2 ?? Then I watched a Cesar Millan programme and I saw a similar case and he showed the owner the walk ............ shoulders up~ head up~ loose lead and just WALK !!!

         So after years of the same thing happening with Fizz and the other Dog's ......... I got near the garden and I JUST WALKED !! and I walked straight past the Garden and Fizz didn't Blink the other dogs continued to Bark ?? But it was like a new dog INSTANTLY she just ignored them it was amazing !!!!

       No Psycho Babble no Look into my eye's and relax and no 2 year retraining rubbish !!!!

                It WORKED INSTANTLY !!!

        Anyone who has had one of my puppies knows that my puppies SIT STAY and WAIT for their dinner by the age of  5 Weeks !!!

        and getting 10 Puppies to sit stay and wait takes time and patients but the person who controls the food is the PACK LEADER be your dogs Pack Leader and anything is Possible !

Be your own Pack Leader !!

        So I thought I would bring this up in this Blog and ask people who read my Blog some Questions 

   What do you think ???
   Do you know who I'm Talking about ??
   Do you think that his Teachings and Dog Training Ways come over as ABUSE ????
   Would you want him to deal with a Problem Dog of Your's ?????
   Would you like to meet him and Why ??

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