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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Second Half of the 2010 Puglet's

       Firstly I would like to apologise for the fact that this Post has not been available till now !! But with one thing and another, I have fallen behind due to the chaotic issue's of life in General !!!

    So back to the important things !  Here are the Second Half of the 2010 Puglet Babies, and these puppies are some of the most Travelled Puglets of all time. They also include my Son Ben's favourite's who among other's included Leo and Oscar.  It was also the half where two of the puppies were actually born into the second day, these were Bert and Phoebe. A couple of the Second Half section of the 2010 puppies, have also travelled across the world from a tiny village in Wales, across the water's to France and then America. 

The Complete 2010 Litter !

Puglet Number 6 was  Tai.   

          This Little man was one of the sweetest, handsome and most travelled little Puglet that I have had the privilege to breed. He was born at 8~45pm and weighed in at 6 ½ oz ,  Tai was called Tai as he had a white stripe on his chest in the shape of a Tie !! See there is a method to Ben's slightly unusual naming prowess ? Tai was chocolate in colour with two back feet which were white, and two lil white toes on his front right paw and he was gorgeous. Tai's name was changed to Leo by his new owner to be who is Flora who was just 5 at the time.

          Flora picked the name Leo was she wanted everyone to know that Leo was King of all the Dog's !! Flora and the rest of her family lived in Paris in France, so we had Leo for longer than normal.  As Leo needed to have his Rabies shot's so he could live in France Safely especially as he would also Travel to America. Flora's Mummy who is Leslie come's from America and her Family still live there, so Leo would be travelling with them when they visited. They have all since moved to New York City, and managed to Brave out  " Storm Sandy "  which they survived,  and more than that they all did with style !!
                  While Leo stayed with us he became very close to Milly and of course was loved by his devoted Mummy Mitzi Moogle's.  Leo also became very interested , and fell totally in love with,  our 2 Pond's much like our Fizzle's !!  His fascination in both pond's was a source of laughter as he would insist on putting his entire head into our shallower pond and then blow bubbles into the water, and start eating any pond weed he could get his teeth into, hence his renaming by me of Leo~Potamus !!  

                    On one occasion a source of total amazement when Milly came to his rescue ! We have 2 pond's in our garden, one is shallow where Leo would   " Blow Bubble's "  and another which though it looks shallow is actually 6 foot deep !! Leo and Milly were playing about the garden when Leo jumped straight into the deep pond .......... Just as I was about to grab him out ( he's not the 1st Baby to fall into our Pond !

               Milly ran across to the edge of the pond , placed her front paw's on the side of the pond. Milly then dunked her entire top half of her body into the pond, while she was under the water, she grabbed Leo by the Scruff of his neck, and pulled him out of the Pond to Safety. Milly then spent over a hour licking Leo~Potamus dry !! It was one of the most amazing thing's I have ever witnessed,  and showed us a completely different side to our normally Bonker's Miss Milly Mooz.

                                    Leo~Potamus at 4 weeks old.

Puglet Number 7 was  Boots. 

Oscar and Ben (  Best Bud's )

               This little man was born at 9~50pm and weighed in at 6 oz, he was Fudge in Colour, and had two white sock's on both of his front paw's. So Ben decided his name should be Boot's ! this sweetie Pie was also Ben's favourite ..... not that it showed ???  

         Boot's new family had actually met Mr Alfie Moon from Mitzi's 2009 Litter, the same litter that gave the World Milly Mooz !!  But even meeting Alfie Moon did not scare off John and Linda, as you all know that Alfie Moon was probably one of the most cheeky of all Mitzi's Puppies !!

      The fact that even after the meeting of Alfie Moon, John and Linda still wanted a Puppy, for me was a testament, that they would be a perfect Puggly Family ! They decided on changing Boot's name to Oscar, and personally I think that the name Oscar was perfect choice for this little man.

                  Oscar was a quiet little boy and would stand and watch from the sideline, taking everything in with a gentle attitude and demeanour. Even though Oscar was quiet he was not shy or nervous, he was just happy to watch and then he would creep up on his Sibling's or people and  Pounce !!    Oscar was a Cheeky Chappie, with a sweet nature and would look after his smaller sibling's,  he was also firm friend's with his big sister Miss Milly Mooz.

                                Oscar and Big Sister Miss Milly Mooz !!

Puglet Number 8 was  Tiger Lily.

                   This teeny weeny girl was the last puppy to be born on the 8th February, she was born at 11~40pm and weighed a tiny 5 and ½ oz. Tiger Lily was Silver with Black Stripes and a white Bib, hence Emma calling her Miss Tiger Lily. Her new owner is Claudia and she kept her name as Tiger Lily, which pleased Emma immensely as she had really thought, about the right name for this little Girl. What was more surprising was the fact that Claudia used to call her younger sister by the nickname Tiger Lily

Miss Tiger Lily !

           Tiger Lily was one of the most beautiful puppies I have ever seen, and if Big Eye's appeal to people then this lil lady would be top of the class and beyond !! Miss Tiger Lily was a really sweet baby and Claudia asked for a loving puppy and a puppy that just wanted to be loved. 

          All of my puppies follow these guideline's but some of them like Tiger Lily, take the wanting to be cuddled for 24/7 to a whole other level !! In fact this litter the two most Cuddly Babies, who were Fudge and Tiger Lily and they were bought by people who asked for Cuddly Baby Puglet's. 

            But I always say that my  puppies seem to  become what the new family requests and everything is for the right choice and right reason,. Even though I have been doing this Puppy raising business for years it still, never ceases to amaze me. As to how my puppies seem to pick their new owners, instead of their owner's picking them !!!  
           Tiger Lily was not only a true poppet, but she was also one of the cheekiest puppies from this 2010 Litter. Tiger Lilly would spend time either running around like a Speedy Weedy, with her sister Jammie and her brother Bert. Or she would be barking and spinning around like a nutter !! So her new mummy Claudia had the cuddles and the rest of the family had the laugh's at her antic's. 

                                                     Miss Tiger Lily !

Puglet Number  9  was    Bert.

               This Puglet was the first puppy to be Born on the 9th February, Bert was Born at 12~15am and he weighed 5 and ½ oz, he was Fawn with a big white blaze on his chest.  Bert's left foot was a white sock and he had two white toes on both of his back feet. He was also seriously cute, and stunning to look at, Bert was also very very Naughty but always in a cheeky way !

           Bert's new owner was Kim and she and her family decided to keep his name as Bert ! I think that Bert was the only name that this lil monkey could be, as he was a proper Geezer so Bert was the proper name !! Ben love's it when people keep his name's, even though he may pick some really weird names. He always does it through a serious thought process, even though most people wouldn't get why or how, he could possibly decide on the name's he pick's !!

           Bert was probably one of the fastest Puglet's in the West, and from the East, South and North for that matter !!  Bert had a best buddy and his Buddy was our own little Jammie, these two were the funniest puppies to watch. They would run around everywhere and bang into slower moving Sibling's that would dare to get in their way !! No matter what time of day it was we would always find these two stuck together, either playing, running, eating or Sleeping these two always did it all together.

                                      Bert and Jammie at 3 week's old !!

The Last Puglet Born was   Tinkerbelle.

                  This puppy was the last puppy to be born out of the 10 Puppies, she was born at 1am exactly and weighed in at 6oz. Tinkerbelle was a Tri ~ Coloured puppy and she had a white front foot on her left front foot, just like her older brother Bert. Tinkerbelle had a double blaze on her chest, and her back feet had two white toes exactly the same as Bert !! Tinkerbelle also had two brown eyebrow's and she was the first puppy that Mitzi had, that showed us the link that Mitzi had, with her King Charles Spaniel Root's !!

           This lady was a cheeky monkey and liked nothing better than rolling around with anyone who felt up to a wrestling match with our Tinkerbelle. This girl is probably one of the most spoilt puglet that was have had and personally I blame her owner, Yes that's you Felicity !!! and she know's it's TRUE ! Felicity decided on the name Phoebe for Tinkerbelle and I think it's a wonderful name for this little madam !! I told Felicity that Phoebe would be a total madam, and would need to have a firm owner or she would cause total chaos ??

           When Phoebe left us to go to her new home in London and when Felicity came to pick up this lil lady, I reminded her once again that without proper control Phoebe could be very Naughty !! Now those of you who know me will know that I am very rarely away from my home ........ But this day I had been out for a few hour's. When I got home I had a WHOLE lot of messages from Felicity, so I was about to ring her up when Felicity rang again ?? I almost asked her what was wrong ......... but then I heard IT ! Phoebe !!

          All I could hear in the back ground was this Barking well ........ Screaming, it was a complete Temper Tantrum and it was Phoebe !! I asked Felicity how long has she been doing THAT !! Felicity told me for Hour's !!! I told her to go to Phoebe and give her a little smack on her Bottom, and then come straight back to me ...... she did this and Phoebe continued barking, I told her to go and tell her to be quiet and MEAN IT ! She came back and sat down with me still on the phone and we waited.

          I could hear that Phoebe was calming down so I told her to just ignore her, I continued to listen ans I explained after each Yap or Squeak what they actually mean't in a dog's conversation. I then sat on the phone for over an hour telling Felicity to either ignore her or when to tell Phoebe to be quiet. This is where experience and a good Dog Knowledge come's into play, and as with all my babies Homes.  I always tell them that I'm always here for them, when they need a helping hand when dealing with Puglets !!

           Phoebe and Felicity have since moved to America, so Phoebe is another of my world travelling Puglet's !! They now live on a Golf Course in Florida and apparently Phoebe has settled in better than Felicity had coped, and everyone that meet's Phoebe instantly falls in love with her. When they have asked Felicity the  " What breed of Dog is she question out of the way ?? "  

           Apart from the awful life of Wonderful weather and perfect family life, that Felicity and Phoebe must suffer ???   (  Any time you want to swap Wale's weather ~  for Florida then I'm your girl Felicity !! ) All of this also come's with price and for Felicity it's Phoebe who has decided that she would love to spend her sunny days running over the Golf Course. I know your thinking What's the Price in THAT !! I need only say one word and everyone will get what I mean !!!  ALLIGATOR'S  yes that's right Phoebe has taken to chasing ALLIGATOR'S !  So maybe wet Wales may have some Bonuses !!

                                             Miss Phoebe !

   These are a couple of film's when the Puppies were 5 weeks old !


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