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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Mitzi's 2009 Litter of Puggly Gorgeous Babies !

        As from my last post you all should know that I have had quite a few Puggly Litter's and this is the next story about them. The next litter was one of Mitzi's bigger litter , she had 8 puppies and for a Pugalier that's quite a feat !!

            This was the second litter for Mitzi Mooz and she settled into her pregnancy like a Pro even though by the end of the full 9 weeks she was enormous !!!  As you can see from the picture below !!

A Slightly Pregnant Mitzi !!

            The day came when Mitzi went into Labour on the 17th March 2009 after keeping me up all night on tender hook's she eventually past the 1st Puppy at 5~50am this was a little boy, and by 2pm the same day Mitzi had finally past the final Puppy which was a little girl ! 

       This litter Mitzi loved each and every one of them and her mothering instinct's this time were INSTANT which makes my job all the easier !! This was also the Litter that gave the world Miss Milly so I apologise straight away as she is a complete and utter nutter !!! as anyone who know's her will understand .......... but I'm getting ahead of myself again !! 

           The wonderful thing about breeding these Puglets is the amazing abundance of Puppies and the fact that everyone is a different colour shape or size !!! So every litter was completely different and totally addictive !!
           I have bred many various breeds, but I must admit that these Pugglies seem to have the ability to get right under your skin ! These Pug Types seem to have these adorable cheeky characters that means they can get away with anything and everything !!! and do it in a way that has you smiling and laughing and unable to tell them off !!! 
                 Even their own mother wouldn't tell them off as this video show's she just loved them !!

              What I didn't tell you last time is that Ben and Emma name the Puppies, Ben name's the Boyz and Emma name's the Girlz !! Emma's names are normally slightly more NORMAL than Ben's as this Litter show's !!! 
           The first puppy was a Boy and he was born at 5~50am he was a little Tri~Coloured Boy with a big white Bib and 3 White Toe's !! As he was a Boy Ben named him !!!
           So TREVOR .... was what Ben decided he should be called !! If any puppy could handle the name of Trevor it was this lil man, he was one of the most cheeky chappie's we have ever bred. He was also the classic bovver boy and had the funniest personality and he was also Ben's Favourite !!!

          Though his new family re-named him BEAU we still seem to call him Trevor, I think because he was Ben's Special Boy !!                         
                                          Not that this pictures show's that ?

Trevor and Ben !! Not sure which is cheekier !

          The next baby born was a little Girl and she was Born at 7~20am this girl was a White Seal Point and yep for everyone who know's her ............ This was MILLY !!! But as we were not planning on keeping this Puglet and she was a little girl so Emma choose the name CRYSTAL. I told you Emma pick's more normal name's !          
              Now I know I joke about how awful Milly is ?? in reality I had this instant bond with this lil white fatty ? It's weird how things turn out because I had 3 set's of families that we found for her, But for one reason or another they didn't pan out, which is something that has never happened before or since with any other puppy ?? 
        Then at 9 weeks old she had her accident which nearly caused us to lose her ? So I honestly think that we were destined to have Milly Mooz, I just wish she had found an easier way to show us !!! I will be telling the full Milly Story tomorrow for anyone who is interested in the Milly Miracle Story it will be here later !

                 Here's a Film of Milly and Mummy ( Mitzi ) before her accident !
       The third baby born that day was a gorgeous chunky monkey, he was a little boy and was the colour of Gold. He was born at 8~15am and as he was a boy, it was Ben's Choice !! Ben named the biggest baby of the Litter and the name he picked was BARNEY which is a lot better than some !!!

      His new family own a Hair Salon and this delightful man is the Salon Mascot ! They re~named this gorgeous puglet DOUG the PUG !! and this name is one that I think was perfect choice for this Chunky Monkey ! 

      Doug was one of the sweetest puppies that Mitzi had and his sweet temperament was a Shining Example  for all. He was the biggest Puppy of the Litter, but he was also the gentlest, he would lie in front of the smaller puppies. When they were sleeping to protect them from rambunctious and over zealous playing sibling's !! 
      Personality aside DOUG also had the most amazing Hazel / Gold eye's to go along with an incredible sweetness !

Doug and Mummy !

             The fourth puppy was Born at 8~40am and it was a TINY little Red Boy and so Ben's Naming Prowess really come's into PLAY !! Ben's choice for this little rocket pocket Puggly was WOOKIE !! Yes that's right my Son named this little red boy WOOKIE !!! I have no idea why so PLEASE DON'T ASK all I can say is when Ben was a Baby, I used to drop him on his head quite a lot !!

           I know it's SHOCKING, But Lewis who was going to be the new owner of WOOKIE !! decided to CHANGE his name ??? So WOOKIE then became ALFIE MOON !! 

     Now even though this lil man was the 2nd Smallest of the litter, what he lacked for size ?? He definitely made up with ATTITUDE when the word's small and mighty come into play ........ they had ALFIE in mind !! 
       Alfie was one of the cheekiest puppies I have ever known, his whole being oozies out naughty, but he is Sooooo Lovable that he will forever get away with anything !! and if you doubt me just ask Lewis !
         From the Glint in his eye you will all know what I say is all so TRUE !!!

Alfie ~ Alfie Moon !!!

             The fifth Puppy was another little Boy ( I know you are all waiting with Bated Breath for what this POOR Puppies name will be !! ) We had a while to wait for this little man .... as we sadly lost a little baby in between him and Alfie. But he came into this crazy world at 11~05am and he was a Sable Coloured with a perfect heart shaped white mark on his chest !!

           I know I have not forgotten his name ......... but this one is the Best Ever so I was making you wait !!
This gorgeous little man was named HANCOCK ! Told you it was GOOD !! Hancock was one of the most STUNNING puppies I have ever had the privilege to breed. He was also a photographer's dream as every picture was lovelier than the last ! 

         When I first talked to Kara and Steve about HANCOCK !! not surprisingly Kara's first question was Yep you guessed it !!! Do we have to keep the name HANCOCK as she did not think it would go down well ? Especially when she had to Yell out the name HANCOCK in the middle of the village park !

          So our little Hancock became GEORGE ! and so we had a gorgeous little man called Georgie Porgie ! and he was a proper little sweetheart and he was a present from Steve for his Wife to be Kara, So I think that they had the ideal puppy ! Not only was he seriously stunning but he also had a perfect shaped heart stamped on his chest !!

             You can all see now how GORGEOUS Georgie Porgie was !!


                 The Sixth Little Puglet was born at 12~41pm and this was a Bouncing Baby Girl ! She had the most amazing Mole ~ Like coat and was Jet Black so not surprisingly Emma named this cheeky girl  JET. 

         JET was a serious cutie and she was a total madam all rolled into one !! Her new family kept her name as JET and to be honest it was perfect choice for this little lady. Not only was she Black but she was also the fastest Puppy in the WEST ! and South,North and East !!! She would run around everywhere and any place where she could get a good Starting Position from !

        JET was also my Husband's Favourite and that's not easy to do ! But this little puggly managed it very quickly and very easily, personally I think if he could have gotten away with stealing her from Aileen I think he would have done it !! 

      Aileen love's JET soooooo much that she amazingly came back for another Puglet ( I know she must be a Glutton for Punishment !! )   Especially as she took the very brave decision to have another puglet ..... But this time she had a puppy from MILLY !!  I warned her that Marley was a nutter but she decided she could not do without her !! so Aileen has 2 of my babies and all she say's is that Marley / Treacle is as Bonker's as I told her she would be and JET take's it all in her stride. 

                A Film of Dai's Favourite Puglet who was absolutely stunning !

                                           Our Lil Jet !!               

               The Last Boy to be Born came into the world at 1~23pm and he was Silver with a Tiny White Star on his Chest !! Ben's choice of his name was ........... Not that Bad !!! SIDNEY , and SIDNEY he was and SIDNEY he is Still ! Sidney's name was kept and personally it suited him instantly and his Mummy Laura agreed.

                This little boy was completely Bonker's !! he would leap off anything and when they came to collect him ! we told them he was NUT'S and they just smiled !! and then he showed them ......... by jumping off the chair and flying almost the entire length of our lounge !!! They all looked at each other and looked back at Sidney and then looked at us ?? 

               We just laughed and said Yep he's COMPLETELY BONKERS !!

           Sidney was also one of Dai's favourites and Dai would give this cheeky baby his Crust's off his Toast every morning ! He made me promise that I would make sure that Laura knew that Sidney had to have some toast every morning ?? and he say's he doesn't like BABY PUGLET'S !!! But he always manages to bond completely with at least one puppy in each and every litter !!

 This Little Boy may have been BONKER'S but he was also a Serious Sweetie as this Picture Show's 

Such a Sweetie our SIDNEY !!!

                  The Last but Certainly not Least one was Born around 37 minute's later at exactly 2~00pm and this Puglet was the smallest of them all !! and this baby was a lil red Girl and so Emma decided that her name would be RUBY ! and so Miss RUBY ROO has come into this World ! 

          Big Question was, Was the World ready for Miss RUBY ROO ?? and it's a Question that everyone who know's this tiny red Pocket Rocket will re-soundly scream out Noooo WAY !!!     

                    This lil lady was a complete and utter Star and if Sidney and Alfie we're Bonker's this lil girl took Crazy to a completely new level !! She may have been the smallest one of the litter ........ but she had enough character for the entire LITTER !! I told Michael and Michelle that this lil fire cracker was a total MADAM !!
But I don't think they had any idea how much of a Madam RUBY was until they took her home !!!

         Though in Michaels word's he was already worried about taking RUBY home as they came from Scotland and Michelle had bought a lovely PINK COLLAR and LEAD SET ! for their new totally Macho Dog !! Plus he figured he would actually be the one walking her ???

      I told him to make sure it was Dark, when he walked RUBY ROO and then he SHOULD be Ok ??  Well Maybe !!!

      This Wee Ruby is also the one who was pictured with My Fizzly who seemed to totally adore all puppies , but had a particular Bond with RUBY ROO !!
                                                 As This Picture Show's !!

Ruby Roo and My Fizzly !!!

here's the Link to my Facebook Page and the Album with lot's more picture's of the 2009 Pugglies !!

Here are some More Film's of the 2009 Litter for You to See !!

Feeding at the Zoo !

Doug the Pug 

Fizz and Babies ! Check out Ruby trying out for the Great Escape !!

                                          Alfie Moon !!

                                                 Jet !!

                                             George !


                                  Fizz and Jet and Kisses !!

                                             Sidney !!!

                            Last but not Least Ruby Roo !!!

I will be telling the Next Litter Pugglies Story after the Milly Story !! So the next 10 puppies families beware your puppies will be famous soon Too !!!

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