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Friday, 5 October 2012

The Rest of My Family !!

             Those of you who have had Puppies from me will already know Mitzi and Milly Moo who have either been the Mother's or Sister or Grandmother to one of your Puglets !!! Believe me there are a lot of these distinctly nutty Puglets running around all over the UK and France and the USA......... we are hoping to take over the world very soon !!!

          For those few people over the world who has not met one of these delightful Creature's I will be posting a page soon, with picture's of some of my baby Puglet's, so you will be able to see what I'm talking about very soon ........ and Yep they are that UGLY !!! 

I know they are really PUGGLY GORGEOUS !!! and they know it.

         But once again I'm jumping ahead of myself you should be telling me to focus ??? or I could start talking about anything ? Teletubbies ???

         Back to My Family I have Mitzi Mooz who was the starting factor in my bid for World Domination ! She is a Pugalier which is a Pug cross King Charles cavalier and she was Fizz's best friend.
         Mitzi was actually the classic Puppy Farm Dog .... when we went to a local breeder I was confronted by this woman who was very cold and all business and then taken into a block of Kennels ? If I could have taken every dog and puppy in the place I would have ! It was horrible and all the Classic Puppy Farm images that come into your mind all ring true ! Mitzi was brought out of the kennel and she promptly ran away from the breeder !!! My Son Ben had to go into some bushes and get her out into the open ......... I bought her there and then as I was not going to leave her in that place, for a moment longer ! 

        The fact that I had been dealing with hundred's of dog's through my life, taught me how to deal with a unbalanced puppy, and to be honest though Mitzi does have some issue's. She worries about thing's sometime's and gets scared of new thing's, or something very scary like a Dangerous looking Spoon in her Bowl !!! She is basically a well balanced, social dog and she is also one of the best Mother's I have ever known and has continued that Mothering through her Daughter Milly's Puppies and in the looking after Charlie the youngest of the Davies Family !!

The 2nd Day after we brought Mitzi home !!
Mitzi and Pongo from the 2010 Litter

                    After Mitzi is her daughter Milly Moo who is a complete and utter nutter as anyone who meet's her will find out instantly !! She was a puppy from Mitzi's 2nd Litter and she was actually sold ?? 

         When she was 9 weeks old she snapped her top palate in her mouth, one of the scariest situation's I have ever been in and one I hope that I never see repeated ?? I will tell the full story in another page as it's worthy of it's own page. As it is an amazing animal and humane Story that I have not yet written down on paper, though some people have been told the story. But it's a true story of bravery and an incredible act of human kindness, and without that act that our Milly would not be alive without it.............   

                 Milly as I said is Mitzi's Daughter she is 3 years old and a 3/4 Pug as her Daddy was a pure Silver Pug. Not only is she bonkers but she is also one of the sweetest dog's I have ever known, She will make friends with anything and everything and it shows with any Anti-Social Dog's that she meets. She seems able to get past any nastiness and no matter how much a Dog may hate other dog's they usually meet , Milly just seem's to get around this and Dog's that normally attack other dogs, will just accept Milly instantly. Much to the surprise and shock of the normally savage Dog's owner !!! 
              She is also really pretty and she has almost a Seal pup look about her with her white coat and huge Black eye's !! She has also had puppies and helped with her younger Siblings, she was trusted instantly by her mother who allowed Milly to look after her puppies almost as soon as they were born ?? Mitzi then in turn looked after Milly's babies as well !! Milly also has the ability to see dead people and one of her younger sister's Tiger Lily seems to have inherited the same Gift !!
Milly See's Dead People !!
Tiger Lily See's Then Too !!!
              Last but certainly not least the youngest member of our family is our Lil Man Charlie !!! We got him at the beginning of the year in the month of March. He is a pure Black Pug and is seriously Gorgeous ! He was a present for me so I could get over the loss of my Fizzles. Though he did not heal me completely he has  definitely made the pain lessen. 

              Charlie is a really happy little man and has settled into our house easily and as if he has always been here. When he arrived he was absolutely tiny, and even a cat collar was to big for him and I had to put a bell on his collar as I was so worried that I would lose him in the grass ! 

              Mitzi and Milly decided amongst themselves that one of them must have had this baby and they had just forgotten having him !!! 
        But it's obvious that he must have come from one of them ?? How else would he have got here ????  They would both let him suckle from them and they would both vie for his attention by lying next to him flashing their Boobies !!!

              One of the funniest things I have ever seen was one day Charlie was playing on the floor and Mitzi decided she wanted some baby time ............. So she pushed in front of the bed flashing her Boobies and tried to catch Charlie's eye for him to Suckle !!! Milly was at this time behind Mitzi so it looked like Mitzi would win this round !!! 
               But watching Milly you could see her lil Brain ticking ..... and she then jumped over Mitzi and promptly lay in front of Mitzi !!! Just in time to catch a Charlie before he could go to her mother, so in the end Milly won that round and the look of Hee Hee Hee was written all over Milly's face !

          Charlie is a true Pug and has the greedy nature and seriously cool attitude with a good helping of Pug Attitude !!! He's a Star and he helped me heal when I didn't think I would ever manage to cope, and he helped me to slightly mend my broken heart and I think my Family are very grateful for Charlie and to be honest I must admit that I'm very grateful too.                     

                                                                     MY CHARLIE                                                                                    





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