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Monday, 10 December 2012

2011 Mitzi's Last Litter !

             This Litter was a Happy and also a Sad occasion as we had more Babies, but it was also our Mitzi Mooz's Last Litter,  and then end of an era ! I feel that Mitzi Mooz probably would have wanted more and more babies, but I felt that she had given the world enough babies, especially as one of them was our Milly Moo !!!  Who is and always will be ~ probably the Weirdest Dog known to man ........ But I will leave it to people who know her to explain how strange this girl is :) 

                   Before I go into details about my Mitzi's final litter, I would firstly like to apologise to all the owners of these amazing Puglets,  as they have been really Patient.  In waiting and waiting for me to make their Puglets Famous, so for those 5 Families I'm sorry and your wait is over. All of your babies, who are  AnnieBlaiseHiroPeaches and Princess , you will soon be famous so keep an eye out for the Stampede !!!

                 Now these babies were due around the Royal  Wedding  Time of  Prince William and Kate, so all of these babies were given Royal  Names, before their new Homes chose their forever names. These babies were absolutely gorgeous and Mitzi was once again,  in total Heaven almost as soon as she became pregnant. Mitzi seemed to just enjoy every aspect of this litter, and once again our Milly Moo became totally involved, and Mitzi again accepted this slightly manic nursemaid as well as she had with her previous litter.

           This was Milly and Annie on of the Girls from the Litter !!

                    Now I know I have been through this Puppy Lark many many times but I find myself totally excited and in awe of this whole experience.  I think that when I don't feel this excitement and wonder it will be my time to give up this Puppy Raising Lark. Because without this love for your puppies, you can't give the gift of the Best Puppy Available, to some wonderful new homes.

                    I have been very blessed in the families, that have had puppies from me, they have given my puppies fantastic lives. They totally adore them, and have given them some wonderful homes and lives that most dogs could only wish for !! I seem to get completely bonkers families who life's ambition,  is to spoil and love their Puglets to the best of their ability. 

                  There have even been those very strange people, who have loved their first Baby So Much ........ that they have come back for more than one !!  ( Bonkers ) 

                 Now we move onwards with the Babies that came from My Mitzi Mooz last litter, as their families are waiting for me to be quiet and move onward with the job in question. Which is making the world know how wonderful, their particular puppy is and how they came to be  :) 

 Puglet Number 1 was ...... Billy ( Prince William ) 

                                Prince  William,  at 3 Weeks Old.

                This Puppy Business is hard work but awfully rewarding and when you find such wonderful families ! That's when you know your puppy has hit the Jackpot of all homes, then it's the best job in the world,  and I wouldn't change a thing ! I have had a lot of puppies and a lot of families,  but when you know instantly that your puppy is going to a home, where that puppy will be totally adored it become's Magical  :) 
            This Little Boy was Born, on the  30th  April  2011, at  10~56  am,     Billy weighed in at a Grand  7oz's  and he was a  Golden  Colour, with no other marks and he was absolutely Stunning.

         Prince William's new Mummy had wanted a Puglet for years and  considering how awaited,  this little boy was by his Mummy to be Amy.  To say that she was excited is a bit of an understatement, which makes my job all the more wonderful. I'm surprised that the announcement his coming was not shouted from the Heavens !!   

     But I suppose  Billy  or  Prince  William  just had to be happy with an email, and an awful lot of Text's.  
              This little boy was the smaller of the 2 Boys that were in this Litter, but that is where his smallness stops ........ Billy  is probably one of the most cheeky puppies I have ever Bred  :)  Amy his new mummy will freely admit that this little bundle of cuteness, has a definite lil demon inside him,  just waiting to explode from his very small person !  Billy  was a serious cutie as you can see from the picture above .......... and those one's are the most dangerous one's so Beware !

            This Little bundle of  Naughtiness was so seriously cute, and a Total Mummies Boy and very much like Fudge, from the 2010 Litter.  I had to have this Little man attached to my Person, at all times otherwise he would,  keep all the other babies awake with his Squeaking !        It will never cease to amaze me how puppies,  seem  to take on their new Families requests,  of  how they would like their puppy to be ?? 
                    I just like to think that the Puppies choose their families,  and not the other way around as these puppies seem to pick their families, and the families just accept the pick  :) 

            Amy wanted a lil baby Puglet and little man  Billy  was her picked puppy, his name was changed to Blaise  which I think suited him perfectly.  Especially as this lil boy grew the most amazing Mohawk,  on his head which he still has till this day ! He has found the perfect family,  and Amy and Danny have the perfect dog,  as  Blaise  is able to become a complete Baby,  and he's also Nutty enough for Danny,  so I think everyone got the right outcome.     Mind you ...........

 They did like " Milly " so maybe they will fancy a swap sometime, ..........Please !!

         Blaise and Mummy ( Mitzi Check out the Mohawk between 

                                             Blaise's Eye's !!

         This is a Film of  Blaise  showing that he was not only Cute, 

                                      But he is also very Clever !

Puglet  Number  2  was ...... Catherine ( Princess Catherine )

                              Princess Catherine, at 3 Weeks Old.

           We very sadly lost a little girl before  Princess Catherine  was born,  so her delivery into this world, was held up quite a bit :(   Even though this is always cause of a lot of pain, the puppy after always seems to be a very special one.  I always seem to find these puppies especially gorgeous, and I will have a very close bond, with these after Sadness Puppies :)  

                          So when our beautiful,  Princess  Catherine came into the world at exactly  2~22 pm,    I fell for this little girl instantly,  and we shared the special bond that I find,  from at least one puppy from any Litter. Catherine weighed in at very  Healthy Size of  8 oz's,  Catherine  was the first ever Fawn Girl from any Litter previously or since. Catherine  had 2 White Toes on her Back Right Hand Side foot , with a little White Dot on her Chest,  and she was absolutely Stunning as you can see from the photo above. 

            Catherine was my special puppy and I must admit she loved me to the extent,  that she was a nightmare to film or take picture's of,  because she wouldn't stay away from me for longer than 2 seconds ! Which is lovely to think about but a nightmare,  when you are trying to take photo's and Film's to show,  her new family how she is growing and behaving. Catherine was a true character and a Bossy little madam, when it was called for,  especially when most of her Siblings were a lot bigger than she was.

           Catherine's new family included 4 Children,  so this most active Puppy found the perfect home,  to keep her entertained and busy,  The little girl of the family picked the new name, for  Catherine and in the end she decided ............

    That  Princess Catherine's new name would be ....... Princess ! 

           So  Princess found the most wonderful home, and I told them they would have to be strict, with this little Innocent Looking Puppy !!!  because she was going to be a proper little madam,  I thought someone with 4 children and another one since, could control a little Puglet with attitude. I found this Little  Princess to be a seriously lovable sweetheart, with a cheeky attitude.  Princess had this look that could steal your breath away,  with one look of those Hazel eye's, and she stole my heart every time she looked at me :) 

                         Princess and Her Mummy Mitzi Mooz !


 This is a Film of  Princess  at 3 Weeks Old, and You can see

                               what a Cutie Pie she was !

Puglet Number 3 was ........... Rosie  ( Princess Rosemary )

                              Princess Rosie,  at 3 Weeks Old.

                   This Little Lady came into the world at  3~05 pm exactly,  Princess Rosie was the smallest of the girls, weighing in at  7 oz's Rosie was Tri ~ Coloured and  was  Chocolate with a White V shaped mark on her Chest,  and she had 2 white Toes on her front foot on her  Right  Hand  Side. Rosie was also seriously cute and I knew almost instantly,  that this Little Lady was going to be absolutely Stunning,  just like her Sister Princess Catherine .

            What we didn't know is what this little girls temperament,  was going to be like,  otherwise we may have posted her to her new family asap.  Even though Princess Rosie was the smallest Puppy,  when attitude got given out,  this puppy got it by the Tonne !!  Rosie was a puppy who liked to be noticed,  and if you didn't notice her then, she would become either total Bonkers,  or come up and Bite you on the Toe !! 

           Rosie was also probably one of the speediest puppies in the world, she would run around any space where she could develop a speed and then she was Off  !!!  Rosie was a complete nightmare to film as all she wanted was cuddles from me,  or she would be speeding around like her Butt was on fire !! But I must admit this little Pocket Rocket Princess Rosie was an absolute delight to own for those .......

 "  Oh ! So Short 8 Weeks " which I think is way to short a time to keep a baby for ....

 But it seems most owners want their Babies ASAP for some Funny Reason ..... :) 

           The only thing that Rosie loved more than Me and Cuddle's, or Running Around with her Bottom on FIRE !!! 

         Was ............. Eating .............  More  Eating  and  MORE  EATING  !!!! 

        Most Puglets are Greedy but Rosie took it to a completely different level,  in fact everything  Rosie did was always in Extremes.  But Eating Princess  Rosie  took the crown,  award and Medal .......  As you know I will get my babies to sit stay and wait for their Dinner ???  This lil Fatty used to have to be virtually tied to a chair,  and she would Scream ....... Not Joking ........ 

      Princess  Rosie would scream and squeal and fight to be let go of,  when she wanted to be let go of !! It took us the longest time to get this little madam,  to cotton on that if you actually Sit,  Stay and Wait,  you actually get your dinner a hell of a lot faster,  than if you are squealing and squirming ?? Rosie also used to have to have a separate Bowl than the others, as If you left her alone to eat she would eat until she would explode !!

      This little bundle of trouble was chosen by Laura and she decided this little Bundle of Naughtiness should be call Peaches !!!  As she was Small,  Soft and  Sweet .............  and hairy and fat !! ( those last 2 were chosen by me  !! )  Peaches can now be found in Northern Ireland and we met Laura and her Mummy,  at the Dock in Ferry Side. We watched as  Lil  Peaches  went off across the water in a Huge Ferry Ship, and onto her new Family and Life in Ireland. 

              Peaches  is now causing total Chaos in Ireland,  and tormenting her two Best  Friends who are 2 Little Guinea Pig's  poor things !!!

                            Peaches and Her Mummy Mitzi Mooz !


               Peaches showing you how she loved to have cuddles,

                                   and Running Really Fast !!!   

Puglet Number 4 was .............  Annie  ( Princess Anne )

                          Princess  Annie,  at 3 Weeks Old.   

                     This bundle of Cuteness was  Princess  Annie  and she arrived into the World exactly 50 minutes,  after her Older Sister Princess Peaches,  at the Time of  3~50 pm.   Princess  Annie was a Silver Puglet with a Beautiful Black Mask, no other markings and she was perfect in every way.  Princess Annie was the loudest squeaker of the Family,  and she Weighed in at the healthy weight of  8 oz's,  just like her big sister Catherine.    

                    Now we all know that  Dai pretends,  to hate everything furry and everything Puglet,  but he always seems to find one particular Puppy,  from every Litter that he falls totally in  Love With !!!  This Special in Dai's,  Eye's Puglet from Mitzi's Last Litter was our very Special,  Very Loud,  and   Very  FAT ........... Princess  Annie !  To say that Dai liked this lil  Princess  Annie,  is a complete understatement ........

                         Whenever he was in the lounge he would be cuddling this little Girl  Annie , He would use the excuse that she was crying,  and keeping the other babies awake (  Even  though  they  have  their  Ears  closed  for  12  Days  !!  )  This little puppy managed to do something,  that I didn't think was possible,  Dai loved Annie,  Sooooo Much that he even wanted to  KEEP  HER  !!  

                Princess  Annie  had this wonderful ability to make anyone, who held her for longer than 30 Seconds,  Fall Head over Heels in Love with her.

              Annie was a absolute delight, she had the sweetest Nature of all of the girls,  and she was also really funny and she seemed,  to be Miles ahead of all the puppies. Annie was walking and playing first,  and she would be playing and making people laugh.   Before the other puppies seemed to be unable,  to even walk yet it was amazing thing to see. Annie was also the clown of the Litter,  and she loved nothing more than making people laugh with her Antic's !!

             Annie  was also the Biggest Piglet,  and seemed huge compared to the other smaller girls, but she was a true sweetheart,  and our whole family were really sad , when our  Annie  went to her new home  :(   Annie  was picked by a family of  5,   so she had the delightful busy household,  and 3 Children around to keep  Annie  Busy and the 3 Young Children had  Annie  to keep them  Entertained as well.  

             The Children decided to keep her name as  Annie , and to be perfectly honest it suited her funny ways,  and super sweet Nature.  Annie  is very Similar to her Mummy Mitzi,   in the way she looked,  but also in personality.  Both  Annie  and  Mitzi have this incredible sweetness, which means that everyone feels totally at ease with them, but also they are funny and can keep older children entertained,  but also totally calm, so that smaller children aren't afraid. 

     Which I feel is the Perfect Example, of a well balanced  Dog  and  Puppy !                

      Annie and Her Mummy Mitzi Mooz ! You can really see that these,

                       2 are the absolute Image of Each Other !!!

                Annie is completely Nuts !! but Oh My Was She Cute !!

Puglet Number 5 was ......... Harry  ( Prince  Harold )

                        Prince  Harry,  at 3 Weeks Old.

                  This Little Puppy was the last Puppy that Mitzi Moogles had or will have ....... I find this fact very Sad as you will all know Mitzi had some wonderful Puglets. 

            But I must admit if it fell to any of her puppies,  to have this Great Responsibility then  Prince  Harry  was up to the Task !!  Not only was he absolutely Gorgeous,  but he was also funny, a true Sweetheart.  Prince  Harry  was also a cheeky little boy, who had this ability to make you just sit still,  and just watch him ~ just because you could !

                Prince Harry came into this Big World at exactly 6 pm, he was a wonderful Fudge like colour with a Tiny Star in the middle of his Chest and he was Beautiful.  Prince  Harry  weighed in at a healthy  8 oz's,  which was a little heavier,  than his Brother Prince Billy / Blaise,   he was also the bigger of the 2 Boys,  but they were both equally gorgeous :)  The two Princes of the Litter were so cute and this picture,  of them at One Day old,  shows how alike these two were !

                Prince  Blaise  and  Prince Hiro  at  1 Day old. 

              Prince  Harry was a True example of how a Prince should behave,  Harry had the sweetest of Nature's, and would look at the world with a soft Gaze.  While his older Brother Blaise would take over the world,  at a simple bound,  and had the attitude for at least 10 Puglets !!  Harry was a watcher ........ and while the others would be running and fighting,  this little man would be content to observe, all the nonsense and chaos that was going on around him :)

             This does not mean by any stretch, that this little man was a Boring Puppy, as he was playful and funny.  Prince Harry could be cheeky and liked nothing more than playing to an audience, and one of my fondest memories of all the babies that Mitzi had over the years. The Image of this little man bouncing along the lounge floor, and doing his Roly Poly's !! Harry was the proper Chunky Monkey and I Just loved him to bit's !

       Prince  Harry was chosen by Liz and she decided that his new name should be  Hiro,  and Liz became his beloved Mummy, and I must say that  Hiro  was the perfect choice for Liz.  For me to say that Liz was worried,  about anything and everything that was remotely to do with Hiro,  is an understatement as I'm sure she would agree ! So the fact that Hiro was the Calmest and most Assured Puppy,  of the litter he was the right puppy for the Job :)
       Hiro  has been able to control his new Mummy,  and is so Laid Back and takes everything in his Stride,   Hiro  allows his Mummy to do what she needs to do,  and make her feel relaxed  !!   One of the funnier statements I have heard,  was about  Hiro and his safety in Liz's garden,  with regards to his health and protection before he was fully inoculated ?!?!  I had told her that as long as no strange dogs,  could come into the garden,  then it would be safe for Hiro  to Play,  away from infection :) 

       She then asked what about Cat's and Birds that come into the Garden !!!!  At this point I must admit I was laughing ........ I told her that when Hiro went into the garden,  I suggested she tied a rope around his middle,  and tie the other end to the door ........ Liz asked was that to stop him getting infected ?      

         I said Nope but it will mean,  that a Buzzard couldn't come into the garden,  and carry him off and Eat Him  !!!!

       Even though Liz was worried about doing something wrong with Hiro's Welfare,  I believe that this Duo have come the furthest.  Liz has done everything right and she has done it brilliantly, Hiro is a Credit to her and she has done this on her own.  Hiro is a perfect example that you don't need to be an expert,  to have a well balanced and healthy little dog ! 

        Liz you should be an example to all out there,  you asked questions and asked for help and advice when needed.  That in itself shows me that your biggest wish,  was that you did things right for Hiro,  and you were more concerned in doing it the right way was commendable.  I'm sure every breeder out there would wish their puppies,  would be as Lucky as Hiro was, when he was taken into your family and your home.

                       Hiro and His Mummy Mitzi Mooz !

      This is Prince Hiro at the age of 5 Week's Old, this Film shows, 

        all of us what a Truly Lovable Puppy Hiro was and so cute !!!

         This was the Last Litter for Mitzi,  and I think she finished with a Bang ! these puppies were gorgeous, funny, cheeky and everything that a puppy should be and more. The Families who took these bundles of Goodness Home, with them are now wonderful friends and I get updates all the time which I must admit is the highlight in my life :) 

         I know how wonderful these puppies were,  but it makes me realise through contact, pictures and films, Just how wonderful these puppies are and what wonderful dogs they become !!

          Thank you for making this puppy business a total delight, and thank you for loving my Babies as much as I loved them ............... and more <3 

            This Film show's Blaise and Hiro Drinking happily and then,

                                they are Invaded By Annie !!!

                              Milly and All of the Babies !!

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