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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Film's of the 2010 Litter Totally Puggly Gorgeous !

           These are Films of the 2010  Mitzi Litter, which comprised of  10  Puppies, I know poor Mitzi Moogle's, especially as they all continued to feed up to and including the last day, they were here before they went on to their new homes  :)


      Bert,   Fudge,   Jammie,   Leo,  Millie ~ Vanilli,  Oscar,   Penelope,   Phoebe,   Pongo  and  last  but  certainly  not  least   Tiger ~ Lily   <3  


                   You will easily see what their New Families, saw in these Unbelievably Funny, Cheeky , Cute and Stunning Babies that formed Mitzi Mooz's,  3rd Litter ! and why they wanted to have them into their Lives ........


                 Please excuse the Constant Chattering by Me !! I suggest you watch the Films in Mute :) xoxox

You have all been Watching :-               Bert,









                                                                 Tiger ~ Lily,        

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