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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Hopes for My Puppies ! and 1st Time's.

             These Babies are my pride and joy, as those who have 

                             read my posts may have gathered ! 

          One of my main focuses of having my puppies, are that they are Well Balanced, Socialised, Happy and Fat !!! 

       Well maybe not the Fat bit ......... but well rounded  :D    

       But its more than that,  and when it ceases to be less  ..........  then that I believe, is my time to stop. When my girlies become preggies and Puglet's arrive, then my whole reason for being comes into play. I am probably the most excited person around, as the girls get fatter and then when my babies arrive I'm in heaven !!!

       The families that I have allowed to take my precious cargo, into their lives are vetted on the scale of ............ If I don't like you in Seconds you don't get Considered.  I must admit most of my families are totally Bonkers,  and this seems to be the best requisite in the rehousing, of my seriously Puggly Gorgeous Babies !!! 

                In all seriousness,  my wish is that my Puppies will  find  Wonderful  Forever  Home's, and will in turn become Incredible Little Dogs.  Who will be a pleasure to own and will settle, into their new families lives as easily as possible, They then will become a beloved member of their new home's instantly, and with as little hang ups or problems as possible  :)  I try to make that as easy as possible by instilling basic manners, and making sure they're well balanced puppies.

        Though things do happen, and there will be bump's along the road, with every puppy and every new family. There will have times that they will pull their hair out, and worry if they have done the right thing, in bringing this lil bundle of life force into their lives !! My belief is that when you have moments, when your shoes have been nibbled on,  or your carpets have the occasional wet patches ! 

This is when the fun times happen !!!

         All these little quirks and teething problems for lack of a better Cliché, will make the more interesting parts of Puppyhood complete !! These moments of hair pulling will .......  ( As I'm writing this or should I say " TRYING " to write this,  I'm as we speak ......  having one of those Hair Pulling Moment !!! See even the professionals have their moments of ............ For God's Sake this Black Slug is driving me to despair !!!! 

         Yep you guessed it, Mr Charlie Choo is misbehaving, and as we all know Stubborn is another word for  PUG  !   As I'm trying to type this the Black Wonder is either, trying to climb on my Laptop or On My Lap ...... then he settles ...... then he gets up and we repeat,  the process over and over again ! But it is these moments that will fall into wayside, when the good times happen. 
             The trying times will make you appreciate the moments, when you walk into your home, and you are greeted by a little wagging butt and kisses ! Or when your new puppy climb's onto your lap as you,  are way more comfy than the brand new bed, you have just bought them. Though you don't care in the slightest,  especially when lil Puppy Comfy noises, are coming from your brand new Puglet  :) 

        These Puppies have the innate ability, to go from ....

Complete Nightmare to Oh My God, they are so Cute in Seconds 

               Beware they are very Highly Dangerous !!!

              I must admit that I just love babies of any sort, and I'm never happier than when I'm sitting down, with a Baby of any sort be it Human, Animal or in Puglet's Case Alien !! I have bred a variety of breeds my family mainly dealt with Hunting Breeds so Labrador's  Spaniels and Terriers, but these Puglet's have got to be some of the most highly entertaining Puppies I have ever known. 

        They seem to have the ability to be all totally Different from all their other Siblings or Previous Litter's.  I think that's why I love them so much, because every Litter has a New Colour/ Size and Temperaments so every Litter is a totally new experience. Plus the fact that they are such funny characters, and gorgeous to boot, so for me Puggly Gorgeous is definitely a way to go. 

       But it's also a way to keep me totally amazed, and totally in love with these lil puppies, which in turn become some seriously outstanding little dogs. 

        I also take into account that my Puppies, sometimes go to homes and families, who have never owned their own dogs before, so its something that I have to keep in Mind ! I am very shocked when people come to me, and state that they have been insulted, or been treated badly by other Breeders. Who have stated that they would not sell to someone, who hasn't owned a dog before ?? 

Hiro pictured with his Mummy, Mitzi 

       Hiro was one of these 1st Timer's Puppies and Liz his Mummy, should be congratulated she was never afraid to ask Questions !! But Liz has also proved that a complete Novice, can in a very short time become a Confident and Wonderful Owner and Hiro is an absolute Credit to her and .......
she should be extremely Proud of herself <3
           Its like the adage that you can't have a job without experience, but then you can't get experience without a JOB !!! So my thoughts are that if you have someone, who has thought about owning a dog for ages, and have taken the time to establish, that they truly want a dog in their lives. These people then have the willingness to learn, then I feel its my Place, to take on the " JOB " of  teaching, advising and hopefully, be here whenever they have a question.

         This I believe is the job that I undertook, when I decided to be a breeder, of my many various breeds over the years. It's this part of being the Breeder, that I think is the most important thing to know.  When you take on the Task of bringing Babies into this Crazy World, it means that you are that breeder, and you continue to be that for the WHOLE LIFE of that Puppy.

 Its something that I have always taken seriously, and its how I will continue to do so, as I would hope any of my babies families would tell you. I continue to contact, message and hopefully Guide and Help all of my babies Families out there, plus it also means I can pester for Pictures and Stories about how my babies are doing  :) 

 Especially when you have some of the Cheekiest Puppies 

                        ........ Like Our Lil Man Blaise !!!

        You may all have guessed that I enjoy, taking Pictures of my Babies ! and people who have taken these, seriously cute Puglet's into their lives. Will often comment that their puppy enjoy's the Limelight, and will taken over any stage show,  with the confidence of a  **  Film Star  **

           This I'm sure that those of you who, have visited my pages and seen Films and Picture's of My Puggly Gorgeous Babies, will have noticed that these puppies are lil Stars in the Making !! But there is also a method to my manic film making, and constant picture taking and its something I take very seriously :) 

           When someone decides on having one of my puppies, my thoughts are that, their picked puppy is theirs from that moment onwards ! So I like to send new pictures and films, of their chosen puppy to them Daily, so when you have 10 Babies that is a Full~Time Commitment ! 

           Mind you when I have a litter of Puppies, I do not leave my home ever in the 8 weeks,  that I have possession of my Gorgeous Puglet's,  unless its to take them for their injections and Micro Chipping ! All of my Litters of Puglet's , had more than the fair share of some incredibly Nutty, and absolute Larger than Life Characters,which I hope will make this world a much more interesting Place !!! 

          Who can ever Say Pug's Have ATTITUDE ! aka Beau !

     The whole process of having out~going and well balanced Film Star's takes time and constant effort and its something that I strongly believe. Which is give a Puppy a Good Start in Life, and you will have a well rounded and Balanced Adult Dog, that you can be proud to say you had a part in making :) 

           Taking Pictures and Films may seem to be a strange way to get a social and well balanced Puppy I mean .............
          " What Can Taking Picture's Do to Enhance a Puppy ???

         What I have found is that its a small start to being able, to gain control of a Rambunctious Puglet ! Pug's are renowned for their Stubborn behaviour and Pugish Attitude ! so simple things like getting them to sit, stay and wait for their Dinner is a Subtle way of gaining control of your Puglet without them even knowing you are doing it !! 

            Whoever Controls the Food is Top Dog ! 

        But also when you are able to get a Puglet to Sit Stay and Wait .......... then you can get the amazing Pictures, and films of some truly amazing Babies !! Told you there was a method to my Madness !! This leads to Controlling without them knowing you are Controlling, and in turn you get puppies that have Manners. This is something that will help new Owners being able to control, a Lil Dog whose entire Breed is built up on ATTITUDE and BOSSINESS !!!

     And it helps me to take some Magical Photo's and be able to get 10 Puglet's to Sit, Stay and Wait,  while I take Photo's of the whole Litter !!!! and who ever says Pug's Can't be Trained needs to see my Puglet's in Action !!

             The Whole Crazy Bunch, of the 2010 Litter  <3

          The other factor of  Taking  Pictures and  Films is for  Two other reasons, well from now on maybe Three ?? ( I do have to take into account now all of you who take time out of your busy lives to read my manic and slightly nutty post's :P !! )

       But the First Reason I think is the most Important :)  This is that I think so Much happens, during the 8 Short Weeks that I have my Babies for, that the new Families will miss out on so many Firsts.  These Firsts are things that will, never again happen in their Young Dogs Lives, so as these babies are always so Wanted and normally ............

I have a List of New Homes already Patiently Awaiting these incredible Puglet's. 

      My belief is that when you have waited for those 

   " Oh so Long  9  weeks that the Mummy is Pregger's for .........

    and then the Babies Arrive !!  ........ and then you have to wait ......

           Oh  My  Goodness  another  Whole  8  Weeks !!

          Until these babies will finally be taken into your homes !! So it's only right that you are part of those precious 8 weeks, that your Puglet changes from a Lil Blob, into the wonderful lil bundles of Naughtiness, that you have all seen via these pages !

          So I do this via Photo's, Films , Emails and  constant Talking by  Me !!  What I try to do is to have a record,  of all the Firsts that are found in the First 8 Weeks that forms all dog's lives. So when they are Born,  and then when their eyes and ears Open,  First Steps , First Playing, Running, and of Course First Meals always a highlight in any Puglet's Lifetime Goals !! 

                      This is the way I will always continue, to bring my puppies into this world, and when I stop feeling this Passionate about my pugglies, then that is the time to STOP ! My whole reason for bringing babies into this world, is that I adore what I do and the whole process. But I take that responsibility very seriously, and taking into account that these puppies will, be taken to the most loving, and fully prepared forever homes that all Dogs and Puppies Deserve.

           These are Films of all My Litter's For You to See  <3

                Boo, Charlie, Nemo, Poppy and Smuggler. <3

                                        2008 Litter <3

                 Boo, Charlie, Nemo, Poppy and Smuggler. <3

                                             2008 Litter <3

             Boo, Charlie, Nemo, Poppy, Smuggler and Ben ! <3

                                         2008 Litter <3

   Alfie, Beau, Doug, George, Jet, Milly, Ruby and Sidney.  <3

                                          2009 Litter <3

                   Jet, Milly Mooz , Ruby and Emma !!  <3

                                          2009 Litter <3

     Alfie, Beau, Doug, George, Jet, Milly, Ruby and Sidney.  <3

                                also Starring  My Fizzly <3 

                                          2009 Litter <3

                     George, Milly Mooz and Sidney ! 

                 Showing how Real Pug's Eat Dinner !!

                                    2009 Litter <3 

Alfie, Beau, Doug, George, Jet, Milly, Ruby and Sidney Asleep !

                                            2009 Litter <3

         Tiger~Lily's  <3  First  Itchy Spot !!! 10 Days Old.

                                         2010  Litter <3 

                  Fudge <3  First Time Filmed !!  2 Days Old.

                                        2010  Litter <3  

      Bert and Jammie  <3   First Playing !! Three Weeks Old. 

                                      2010  Litter <3 

           Oscar <3  First Total Cuteness !!  10 Days Old.

                                        2010 Litter <3


         Millie~Vanilli  <3   My First Love !!!  10 Days Old.

                                  2010 Litter <3

Pongo and Dai's Hand <3  First Puppy Attack !!  4 Weeks Old.

                                   2010  Litter <3   

     Penelope <3  First Yawn Unbelievably Cute !! 11 Days Old.

                                        2010  Litter <3  

              Leo's  <3  First Time Walking ! Two Weeks Old.

                                             2010  Litter <3  

  Phoebe <3  First and Last Time she was Quiet !! 11 Days Old. 

                                         2010 Litter  <3

              Bert  <3   Eye's  Opened !!!   11 Days Old.

                                        2010  Litter <3  


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