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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Intuition when it come's to Puppies !!

             Intuition it's a funny thing , but it's something that Animal's have in spades, and they are very Subtle with the knowledge.  We are supposedly the Highest Intelligence on our Great Planet,  but we are complete novice's, in the real aspect of Intuition. Over the year's we have lost all of our natural instinct's, and this has led to us to become totally hindered.  I believe we have lost all ability, when it come's down to understanding what our animals, truly need and ......
                 What they  Truly  Mean  with  their  action's

What is Intuition ?
Well the Dictionary informs me that it is :- Knowledge or belief obtained neither by reason nor perception, Instinctive knowledge or belief , a hunch or unjustified belief, Contemplation to gaze upon............. 
                 Is  that  helpful  or  are  you  just  more  confused  :)  

                 This show's you how out of touch we really are, I mean look at the description of Intuition ....... all the words mean fantasy or fairy tales belief that  Intuition  Exists at all,   that Intuition is Guess Work or Not  found  By  Reason or  Unjustified  Belief ............... So does this Mean that Intuition is Not Real or ....... 

Just Something Some Weird People Believe In ???  Well then I'm WEIRD !!! 

Now I know that this will not be a New REVELATION !! ................. 

                      To all who know Me !!!  

                But One thing that I know is that Intuition,  allowed Me to let Fizz Play,  with 6 weeks old Puglet Puppies !!        So Maybe Intuition has a place,  in your day to day living with any Pets,  that you may have !!!

                                Fizz with Baby Puglets !!                     

            Intuition come's into play with every aspect,  of having animal's in your life and Home,  and its something that I use when dealing,  with any animals I meet in my Life. It's also something that I try to instil,  in my puppies, and their soon to be Mummies and Daddies. Although I do find that a balanced puppy will, actually teach their new families way more, than they could even imagine !!   

          You must remember that dogs are much more intuitive than people,  they read body language and demeanour. They will understand how you are feeling instantly, and this is one of the main things I try to get the new families to understand. I need them to realise that it's how they treat their puppy, that will then turn their puppy will turn into a well balanced and happy Dog. 

         A well balanced puppy or a shy puppy can either been cured or ruined by a owner's actions and how they respond to worried moments or scared puppies. It's time's like these that will effect their dog for the rest of their lives, and this Intuition that Dogs show and People can learn. These shared moments of Intuition, bonding and a continuous learning curve, is something that turn's a learning experience, into a Bond that will last forever.

        These precious first memories will teach both owner, and pet how to cope in situations that will allow, both to live a completely balanced connection and lifelong partnership. This Intuition starts from the moment that you bring your puppy or pet into your home and life, and how you react once,  you open your front door and walk into your home. This is your first lesson of Puppy one~on~one,  and Puppy Intuition and its what I tell my puppy people,  once they take one of my puppies home !

Its my Intuition and ability to control puppies, without them knowing it !  That means I can get 10 Puglets to sit still, while I take their Picture !!

              The first lesson I give people who have one of my puppies is that when they take their puppy home they don't allow the puppy to take over their household from the beginning ! Some I win and some I lose I will allow the puppies Mummies and Daddies to decide which one's I'm talking about ....... :)

             I must admit that all of my puppies have found wonderful homes, and I have contact with nearly all of them.  So I can be of help should the need arise, but also so I can see how my puglet's turn out !! Which for me is definitely the most important part,  of being a Puglet Mummy because I know, that my Babies will turn into some amazing dogs, and I just want proof in the pictures :) 

              As Usual I'm off topic ! So the lesson that all New Puppy Wanabee's or people with new puppies, the first one is that sometimes its better to fake it !!! I mean that there will always be a time when you have a young puppy when it becomes upset or worried about a situation. Like when you take your puppy home for the 1st time, or when you take your puppy, to its first puppy class or dog park ?? 

This is where faking it or knowledge comes into play .......

          The fact that you are worried or not worried or In My Words FAKING IT !!  this will make your puppy either relax or feel completely worse, because of Intuition on your puppies side.  Your puppy will take into account all of your subtle actions, and signs that you are unconsciously giving off,  that your puppy will read instantly and be affected by. So when you are feeling worried, unsure or feeling sorry for your puppy, You Must ........  FAKE IT !! 

         You can not show how you are feeling inside,  On the outside you are composed and sure of yourself  !! If you are confident and  your puppy sees you are confident, and it’s really not as bad as their  lil brain is thinking, then before long they will be fine, and soon you will be able to stop faking it and relax with your puppy !! ...........

   Then all you do is relax and enjoy !!!

 Making Puppies to sit and wait for their Dinner get's the Puppies control and respect  without them even knowing you are doing it !! 

The person who Controls the Food is Pack Leader ..... its a simple trick ! 

 That instils respect and good behaviour when you are dealing with 

                         " Rambunctious " Babies Like Puglet's !!                                                 

This Link is to a Video of Mitzi showing us how Intuition is Vital when it come's 
                             to Raising a Bunch Of Naughty Puglets !!!

       LINK :-  Mummy Sort's her Babies Out !!!

            When you decide on having a puppy the most important thing,  is that you must remember that they are only 8 weeks old, when you take them  home !!    With people babies at 8 weeks, they cannot even hold their heads up properly !!!   So everything will be new to them , but as long as they feel that....... " You are Ok !! "    With any given situation then, before long you will have a well adjusted and happy lil  Puppy. 

           If they are unsure about anything .......   Don’t feel sorry for them !! 

     When your puppy is hiding or looking worried !! Which they will do at some point !   As we all have times  (  No matter how old or how confident we are ) , 
      There will be times that we are feeling unsure or uncomfortable !!  I know you will want to bend down and pick your Puppy up, and I totally understand that feeling its natural !! 

        But Your Puppy will pick up from your vibe that its something to be worried about, and this will enhance their feeling of panic and will make them worse !!
       You will actually be harming them....... if you bend down and worry about them !! 

As They will feel that they is being rewarded for being worried !! 

So They will do it again and again, and this will hinder your Puppy more and before long a ... 

               Well Balanced Puppy will become A Unbalanced Puppy ! 
                        This is when the faking it really comes into play !!!

Just sit on the floor by the Puppy .... be quiet …and don’t have eye to eye contact !!

                      Just ignore Them completely !

         Bring out your Puppies favourite toy or in most Puppies case's  FOOD !!!  

      Then make it into a game, and they will soon pick up from you that wherever they are ? 
 It’s a good and fun place to be !!!        As soon as they realise that you are not going to pander to them, then they will come out of hiding and soon start playing. As it is very BORING sitting alone under a chair !!

Especially when no-one cares that they're hiding and feeling sorry for themselves !!! 

         So if you feel sorry for your puppy,  or are worried about something,  then your puppy will know. Its this Knowledge that can make your Puppy develop into a worried puppy or a seriously brave and adventurous one !! Please remember that your Body language, and hidden signals that even the youngest of puppies, can see and more importantly feel.  

        But its also this knowledge that means that you will be able to Fake Calm and Balanced until before Long ......... 
            You are just Calm and Balanced without even thinking about it !!
         This Calm and Balanced Puppy will soon be a wonderful and loving adult dog, who you will be able to connect to without Words !!  This best Friend will also know, if you are feeling low or upset,  they will feel how you are feeling, without ever having the need to ask. So you get a perfect partner and companion, when you need to have someone to understand, without having a hidden agenda or the need to ask what's wrong ........

          It is one of my hardest parts of losing my Fizzle's because she was my Best Friend and we could read each other without words .......... 

  I knew what she was thinking and she knew what I was thinking !!

 When she past it was the Worst Day of My Life ....... because she was My Life.

         I Miss Her more each day,  because I had this magical and spiritual Connection with My Amazing Girl and she was my place to go to when I was feeling sad or unloved ............  We just knew each other inside and out !! 

      That is the Link that I would wish all of you to have, at least one time in your lives.........


    Mitzi showing how Intuition helps with their Puppies !! 



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