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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My Puggly Gorgeous Babies !

      Those of you who know me will know that I have a completely Nutty House full of Dog's, Children and all sorts of Chaos !
        You will also know that not only do I normally have a house full of Adult Dog's and now a Charlie , but I also been known to have the occasional litter of puppies !!  As I said in my last post we are planning on World Domination and with my babies we would probably win.

This is Mitzi and her First Litter of Puglet's with Ben my Son !

          But for those of you un~used to world surrounded by Puglets, I will explain all about them right now !
          The puppies I have bred for the last few years , I have named Pugglies or Puggly Gorgeous. The first lot of puppies were 3/4 Pugs , the 3/4 was made up of Mummy aka Mitzi who is a Pugalier or King Charles Spaniels cross Pug and Daddy who was a tiny pure Silver Pug with an even bigger personality !!

         This made these puppies seriously gorgeous and smaller and more Puggy than Mummy, but less squashed in Nosey than Daddy !! 

        Mitzi though quieter than her daughter Milly, came out of her shell and became a totally different dog as soon as she had her first litter. Mitzi's first litter was a shock for her and while she was having them she decided, that she would want nothing to do with these lil Alien's that had escaped from her body !!! Which for a young mother is not so strange as it sound's as we are not all natural Parent's instantly. 

        I did not want to push her into motherhood, so I left the babies in a box on a hot water bottle, and in between the birthing of each of the puppies. I would put the new born's onto her to suckle and she would quite willingly let them suckle, but she wouldn't look at them ?? Over the night she finished having the puppies and I stayed up with her.I continued putting the puppies on her to feed every so often, and then I would put them back in their lil hot water bottle bed !!

       Around 5 am I could see that she had calmed down, and she was beginning to take notice of the snuffling and squeaking that was coming from the box ? So I decided to see if she was feeling happier and to see if she had thought about being a mother instead of just a Nurse Maid ? I took the noisiest puppy out of the box ( There is always a
 NOISIEST puppy !! ) In this litter the Squeaking Star was called Charlie and he was a lil Silver Boy with a proper puggy attitude !
Prince Charlie !!!
               With Mitzi sitting at the bottom of my bed, beginning to watch me very closely ....... I took out Captain Squeak Charlie and sat at the top of the bed. I held Charlie in my hand and put him onto the bed covers with the impression of Just Leaving Him all ALONE !! I put him in her eye sight and moved him so from her view line It LOOKED like he was going to Fall Off the bed !!

       Mitzi looked at me and then looked at SCREECH !! She almost huffed at me and promptly ran up the bed and put her nose under Charlie and pushed him back into the Safety of the Middle of the Bed !! She then curled up into a ball surrounding Charlie and started cleaning him .......... She looked at me then looked at the box as If to say OK get them out NOW !!

Once she had them all out of the box, she polished, cleaned and fed them ! She curled up with them and then seemed to smile and then promptly fell asleep !!

All Sorted Now !
 She then instantly become the most DEVOTED mother, I have ever known.  

        The look of total love and complete happiness that she shows, while looking after and laying with her puppies is the most amazing thing to see and the only word I can think of is that having puppies and being a mother for Mitzi makes her feel 
Mitzi and Boo
                This love leads to the puppies being secure, calm, loveable and have the confidence to go into the world and cope with the wonders of a new family and home with the ability to thrive, and have a zest for life that makes these puppies a joy to know.

        As you can see from the pictures these are some seriously Stunning Puppies but what you can't see in the pictures is the amazingly funny and truly lovable personalities that every one of these puppies have.              
       Though I maybe biased but I know that these puppies have to be seen and held for you to truly appreciate how wonderfully Puggly Gorgeous they are !

   I leave you with more Picture's from Mitzi's first Litter which comprised of              

               Boo, Charlie, Nemo. Poppy and Smuggler.

If you would like to see more picture's of this Litter then Please use the Link Below

All the 2008 Litter
My Daughter Emma with Boo and Poppy ( Messy Puglet's )
Nemo who was a Serious Sweet Heart ! 
Smuggler and Mummy ( Mitzi ) These two had a very Close Bond which was lovely to watch.
Prince Charlie and Mummy ! Charlie went to live in Bristol with a lil Girlie Pug called Princess Diana !!
Poppy and Mummy This lil lady may have been the smallest but she had the BIGGEST personality of them all !
Boo and Charlie a couple of Fatties !!
Poppy ! She was a wedding present to the Bride from her Mummy !
Nemo he was such a Handsome and Laid back lil Boy !
Prince Charlie was My Son Ben's Favourite !
Smug's  & Mummy ! Smuggler was named after a Cove that his New Owner's had gone to on their Honeymoon ! 
A Mother's LOVE ! Smuggler and Mummy
  I will be putting the other Litter's on another Post Soon ! So other Puggly Owner's don't PANIC !!
                                               Your Babies will be Famous Soon !!!! 

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