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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Thank You for Loving My 2008 Puglets.

                  The 2011 Litter was the last Litter Mitzi had,  and  Hiro was the last Puppy,  that Mitzi had or will ever have.  Which I find very sad as she had some truly amazing Puppies,  as you will all know about through reading these Stories. Mitzi was an absolutely wonderful mother,  and all of her puppies were outgoing, Cute and Seriously Gorgeous,  as all the pictures and films show. Mitzi came into herself from the moment she brought her first puppy into this world.

                  The Whole Puppy World is Hard Work, but very rewarding and I try my hardest to make my puppies into well ~ Balanced and Happy Little Puppies. I put my heart and soul into every litter,  that I have ever had,  and its a calling and not just a " Business ! " Which I hope all of you, who have had puppies from me will recognise and know, these puppies are gorgeous and its simple ........ 

  I just Love Them all ..... Completely and always  <3

                   The world is a better place with her babies in it,  as they have turned into some wonderful little dogs, and she gave us our Milly Mooz ! Who even though she is completely Bonkers,  she makes our home complete,  and a hell of a lot more Lively so we have Mitzi to thank for that.  I wish we could have had loads more litters from our Mitzi Moogle's,  because I have never known a bunch of funny, cute and beautiful puppies ever.

                   I could have repeated these litters over and over as they were all special, and I have never known such characters as the one's, that we had through the years with Mitzi. Not only did Mitzi make some gorgeous babies, but through her I have made many friends and met some truly wonderful families. I want to take this moment to  Thank <3  all the people who took Mitzi's Babies into their families and homes.

                  All of you have made this whole Puggly Business,  into something that has brought me a lot of joy and happiness. The fact that I knew that my  Pugglies were going to,  the most wonderful homes possible,  made handing them over at the end of 8 very short weeks easier.  I know that my puppies have had the very best homes that any puppy would want. 

 I just want to Thank all of you who had my babies, for ............


              Loving them as much as I loved them !  

                  For continuing to Love them unconditionally, and for turning them into some truly amazing dogs. You should all feel very proud of yourselves,  because you have all done an amazing job.  I'm truly blessed to have had you in my life, and for giving my puppies the most amazing lives. Thank You  for giving them the .........


           Most Wonderful Forever Homes that all Dogs and Puppies, Should have and Really Deserve .........   


                       Thank you all of You  <3

                     This is why I love doing this Puppy Business the rewards are endless,  especially when your puppies find such wonderful homes.  I know that I have done my best in having, well turned and happy little puppies, But its the new lives and homes, that turn cute babies into well balanced and healthy Dogs. This Litter was Mitzi's last and my biggest wish for all my babies,  is that the people love them,  because they are amazing dogs and ..............


                Worthy of that precious gift of love  <3

So All I have left to say is,  Thank You ........

                       Thank You the 2008 Litter Families <3 

      Thank You <3 Lizie, Maddy, Marc and Josh  For Giving  Charlie, 

                               Such a Wonderful Life and Home  xoxox

               Thank You <3 Alice and Family ,  For Giving Boo,                                               Such a Wonderful Life and Home  xoxox 

                 Thank You <3  Amy  and Leigh,  For Giving  Nemo

                               Such a Wonderful Life and Home  xoxox

                Thank You <3 Lisa and Belinda ,  For Giving Poppy,                                             Such a Wonderful Life and Home  xoxox

               Thank You <3  Laura  and Family,  For Giving  Smuggler, 

                               Such a Wonderful Life and Home  xoxox

                Thank you everyone for taking such good care of my puppies, and for keeping in contact.  So I could see what amazing dogs these Puppies became, and for loving them as much as I do <3

                    Here are some Films for everyone to see, what amazing Puppies the 2008 Litter were and still are .......... Totally Gorgeous !!!

        These Films will show everyone how wonderful your babies are ...

             Charlie, Boo, Nemo, Poppy and Smuggler ...... 

                     and their Loving Mummy Mitzi Mooz <3







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