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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Hopefully these Films Feckin Work :)

        There have been people saying that they can't see the films ??? 

             Please could you message at the bottom of the page if you have or have not been able to view the films ??? 

            Thank you so much and sorry for the inconvenience if you haven't been able to see them :( xoxox 

               I have hopefully fixed this Issue Please contact me via email if this is still not working ???


              or leave a Message below in the box Thank you for your patience and I told you all I was not Technically Minded :) 

These Films are of Mitzi's Last Litter in 2011 the puppies were .......... 

        Annie, Blaise, Hiro , Peaches and Princess !!

                 I will be finished with the full article about these delightful Puglets ! Please excuse the constant Nattering by me :) I suggest you watch in Mute !!!  The Films are of all the Puppies Playing, Learning and Eating with Manners at the Grand Old Age of    6 weeks old  !! 

           Whoever claimed that Pugs can't be taught haven't seen My Babies !
                 Enjoy the Films and the Full Story will be available later  :) 

Milly and her Bush Baby Prince Blaise !!


                 Milly and her Little Sister Princess " Princess " !!!

             Milly Either See's Dead People or She begins to Realise what 

         Pregnancy is all about for her !! ( 1st Pregnancy for our Milly !

                          with her Little Sister Princess Peaches !

                           Milly and her Little Sister Princess Annie !!

                             Milly and her Little Brother Prince Hiro !!

          Hope you enjoyed and apologise's for the constant Nattering !! 

                                But the Puppies are very cute :) 

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