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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Films of the 2009 Puglets really Gorgeous :)

These are Films of the 2009 Mitzi Litter, which comprised of 8 Puppies, 


Alfie, Beau, Doug, George,  Jet, Milly, Ruby and Sidney <3 


            You will easily see what their New Families, saw in these Unbelievably Funny, Cheeky , Cute and Stunning Babies that formed Mitzi Mooz's,  2nd Litter ! and why they wanted to have them into their Lives ........

                Please excuse the Constant Chattering by Me !! I suggest you watch the Films in Mute :) xoxox

     You have all been Watching :-          Alfie Moon,





                                                                 Milly Mooz,

                                                                 Ruby Roo,



               These were the 2009 Litter Babies, and now you all know,  Why their New Families picked them and took them off to their new homes and lives :) 


 Thank you so much for watching these films,  and I hope you enjoyed !!


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