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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Picture's of the 2011 Mitzi Litter Puglet's

            Mitzi's Final Litter was made up of  3 Little Girls, and 2 Little Boys each more Gorgeous Cheekier and  Cuter than the last  :) 

            My Mitzi Moogle's was never found happier than when she had puppies to Nurse Polish and Snuggle up too !! and these puppies were her final Hurrah and these puppies for me were the end of an Era  :(  

            But if we were going to call an end, to Mitzi's Puppy rearing days, then this litter was the perfect one to go out with. I have not only got the precious memories that I share with all of you, but I have also made some wonderful Friends <3 


         These five puppies brought me a lot of joy and I loved every short second that I had with these puppies and I know I have been so fortunate to find the perfect homes for these Bundles of Mischief !! 

        Though as these Picture's will show you,


            Annie,                                                   Blaise,  



          Hiro,                                                  Princess,                                     


              Any of these Puppies would be a wonderful addition to any household,  and would be loved completely, by whomever took them into their Forever Home  <3 

Not that I'm Biased in any way :P 

                                   Annie  5  Days  Old  <3

                                 Blaise  4  Days  Old  <3

                                 Peaches  5  Days  Old  <3

                                Hiro  4  Days  Old  <3

                    Peaches  and  Princess  4  Days  Old  <3

                              Hiro  2  Weeks  Old  <3 

                          Peaches   2  Weeks  Old  <3 

                      Annie   2  Weeks  Old  <3 

                        Princess   2  Weeks  Old  <3 

                       Blaise  2  Weeks  Old  <3

         Annie and Mummy Mitzi Mooz  5 Weeks  Old  <3 

         Blaise and Mummy  Mitzi Mooz  5  Weeks  Old  <3

           Princess and Mummy Mitzi Mooz  5 Weeks  Old  <3 

           Hiro  and Mummy  Mitzi Mooz  5  Weeks  Old  <3

            Peaches and Mummy Mitzi Mooz  5 Weeks  Old  <3 

                                             Annie  <3

                                             Blaise  <3

                                         Peaches  <3

                                          Hiro  <3

                                            Princess  <3

           Annie and Big Sister  Milly Moo  6 Weeks  Old  <3 

             Blaise and Big Sister  Milly Moo  6 Weeks  Old  <3 

          Princess and Big Sister  Milly Moo  6 Weeks  Old  <3 

           Hiro and Big Sister  Milly Moo  3 Weeks  Old  <3 

              Peaches and Big Sister  Milly Moo  6 Weeks  Old  <3 

                                               Annie  <3

                                                Blaise  <3

                                            Peaches  <3

                                                   Hiro  <3

                                              Princess  <3

I hope you liked the Picture's of Mitzi's Last litter, and I will soon be posting Milly's 1st Litter ! So Please keep an eye out for that :) 

But I will now leave you with the Pictures of ..............

              Annie, Blaise, Hiro, Peaches and Princess <3 


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