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Sunday, 6 January 2013

1st Rice Pudding Meal Films .... Very Messy !!

Those of you who have Pug's in the lives of any persuasion will know that they,  

                      LIKE / LOVE to EAT !!! 

            In fact for a Pug food is the be all and end all of life  :)  hence the reason why these lil Piggy Wiggies  often are found on the " Portly Side ! 

                 Or in my own household "
 Football Shaped "   my puppies also are what, I like to call " Chunky Monkey's ! " or in my vets words  Fatties !!! 

              These are First Rice Pudding Meals for the 2010 Litter ....... Very Funny and Very Very Messy Enjoy the Stickiness and the .......... 

      Enjoyment of Pug's Doing what ............ All Pug's Love to Do .........

Which Is Eat and Eat Everything in Sight or Until You POP !!!

              Enjoy the Film's of these Puppies Eating !!!


        I hope you all enjoyed these Messy Puglet Movie's and Just remember when you moan about your pet dribbling or spilling its food !! 

Think how Lucky you are because ..............

               You Could Have Had One Of These !!!!


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