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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Peek~a~Boo Puglet's !

Now Everyone knows how Truly Amazing Puglet's are,  

                            Especially My One's :)                          


           ( Not that I'm Biased in any sort of way !!

                 But what you will not know is that Puglet's,  also have hidden Talents when it comes to, appearing Cheeky and Innocent, while being photographed !!!  They take this skill onto it's next level, as they also have this Ability to be able to achieve this, while looking extremely Innocent and Unbelievably Cute !!


                 These Pictures are mainly of Puglet's, with a few other's also included, these pictures also show us, how Picture's can Speak 1000 Words. Some of these will amuse you and that's the whole point, but some other's will make you contemplate, the entire story behind them <3  

Blaise and his Big Sister, Milly Mooz  2011 Mitzi Litter <3

Ruby  Playing Peek~a~Boo with  Fizzle's  2009 Mitzi Litter <3

             Charlie and My Son, Ben 2008 Mitzi Litter <3

   Penelope and her Mummy, Mitzi  2010 Mitzi Litter <3

      Humphrey and his Mummy, Milly  2011 Milly Litter <3

          Peaches and her Mummy, Mitzi  2011 Mitzi Litter <3

         Doug and his Mummy, Mitzi  2009  Mitzi Litter <3

          I I'zzz a Flower ! Miss Molly 2011 Milly Litter <3 

Ben and his Personal Protector,  Coco  1994 Zena Litter  <3

Princess and Mummy Mitzi Moogle's   2011 Mitzi Litter  <3

                 Smuggler and Me !  2008 Mitzi Litter <3

               Tiger~Lily and Mummy Mitzi  2010 Litter <3

            Alfie and his Mummy,  Mitzi  2009 Mitzi Litter <3

Molly's Hello World in Emma's hands  2011 Milly Litter <3 

               Blaise and Big Sister,  Milly Mooz  2011 Litter <3

   Miss Rosie who is with, Fizzly On the Rainbow Bridge <3 

 Hiro Playing Peek~a~Boo with Toys ! 2011 Mitzi Litter <3

Molly and her Big Brother, Humphrey  2011 Milly Litter <3

                         Charlie Choo we see's You ! <3

 Poppy and Mitzi  Who's there Mummy !  2008 Mitzi Litter  <3

           Pongo  and his Mummy,  Mitzi  2010 Mitzi Litter  <3 

                     Treacle from Milly's  2011 Litter <3

          George and his Mummy Mitzi  2009 Mitzi Litter  <3

Annie's Easy being Cheeky behind Sister Milly's Back !! <3

     Leo  with his Big Sister,  Milly  2010 Mitzi Litter  <3

    Milly Snuggles with Mummy, Mitzi  2009 Mitzi Litter <3

     Oscar  Loving his Mummy  Mitzi  2010 Mitzi Litter  <3

Treacle Watching You Granny, Mitzi  2011 Milly Litter <3

Something Out There Granny ! Humphrey  2011 Milly Litter <3

Emma and Fizzly speaking was not needed, Love is Eternal <3


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